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Motomaster pylon light is designed for automotive safety and ease of use. The light has on-board storage for charging cables and value-added design features. It also has a battery level indicator and a USB charging port.  It was visually designed to match the line of Motomaster car spotlights and to emphasize its primary function of roadside car safety.



The MotoMaster line of spotlights was a mixed assortment of designs that did not appear as a cohesive family and the light designs did not resonate clearly with the customer. This combination made the selection awkward for the customer to navigate and designs were uninspiring.



We determined there was an opportunity to create new designs that were specifically tailored for car use applications. Two new product types were created and existing lighting types were improved with charging cords stored on-board the lights.



The category has been re-invigorated with a visually cohesive line-up which strengthens the brand and positions MotoMaster as an authority in this space. Specific new designs have dramatically outsold previous SKUs – growing market share and increasing profit within category.

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