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Canadian Tire identified the kids bike segment as a category ripe for innovation. Supercycle is the private label brand exclusive to Canadian Tire. The core aspect of the innovation was to focus on a bike platform to explore and develop a child’s first bike that will grow and adapt to different stages as they learn. In addition to learning other aspects of the bike platform, design was researched and conceptually explored. This product launched spring 2017 with a nationwide advertising campaign.



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Canadian Tire wanted to better capitalize on opportunities within the kids bike category. CTR has existing leadership in this area and offering unique product helps to drive traffic with young families.



A child’s first bike is a highly memorable experience. By developing a platform to help child and parent improve the bike learning experience it translates to a great experience for all. Learning can be easier. The newly designed bike is ergonomically designed to fit a wide range of kids and “grow” with the child. The bike is also easier to ride, has enhancements for safe learning, and customization features.



The launch product was designed with additional features and high quality at an affordable price-point. CTR has a substantial story to support the category for kids bikes. The product launched spring 2017 with national marketing support.

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